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Panasonic A/C Service Coimbatore

Panasonic AC Service Coimbatore

Imagine an AC that cools faster, purifies air and looks stylish as well. Sounds unreal? Well, we disagree. Panasonic smartly puts together all of these features and more in their latest range of air conditioners. Look no further than Panasonic for a range of intelligent air-conditioning solutions to suit any home, office or business environment. From energy-saving features, to super-quiet models, or air conditioners that actively promote cleaner, healthier air. Panasonic Ac Service and Installation Centre in Coimbatore.
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Features of Panasonic AC

Super Tropical Compressor
- Panasonic's Super Tropical Compressor can achieve high efficiency under high load conditions. Cooling is possible even when the outside temperature is at 52˚C.
Powerful Mode
- Powerful Mode cools the room quickly. It provides fast comfort with a full power and strong airflow. This is perfect for use immediately after coming home, or when unexpected guests arrive.
Micro Channel Condenser
- The unique material overcomes the weakness of pure aluminium. It offers good corrosion resistant performance as demonstrated by withstanding up to 2400 hours of accelerated salt spray test condition under Test Standard: JIS Z 2371.
Eco Touch Casing
- Panasonic “EcoTough Casing” comes with a highly durable composition of • Zinc • Aluminium • Magnesium • Silicon This protective layer of coating works effectively in suppressing the development of corrosion particularly on flat and cut-end surfaces.
We procure the complete range of products from certified vendors in market who deploy advanced techniques and follow latest trends in the process of manufacturing these products. Our company possess experienced professionals